Freshwater Shrimp Suppliers with Best Product Technology

Freshwater shrimp suppliers are needed when you own a company that uses shrimp as the ingredient for the company’s product. The shrimp is known to be marine product; however there are also shrimp that can grow in the freshwater. That is why; many suppliers are making a special farm in land which used to grow the shrimp in the freshwater condition. You might think that this is hard thing to do. However, this business is actually very profitable for the supplier. Especially since the demand for shrimp keeps increasing every year. Thus the supplier will really make a lot of profits by farming the shrimp in land.

Best Freshwater Shrimp Suppliers for Your Business
Furthermore, with the advance of technology that the world has today, the freshwater shrimp suppliers are able to use more modern ways of farming. In the old days, the farming is done in very simple way. But today, it has become more professional, thus the quality of the shrimp which supplier sends to you is also increasing to be better. Furthermore, there are many species that the suppliers farmed right now. So you can find different kinds of supplier with different kinds of product to be used in your company product.
The farming process that is done by the supplier is beginning in the juvenile stage where the supplier will grow it until it become big enough to be sold. These juvenile stage freshwater shrimps are usually taken from some hatchery as the supplier does not own any at the start. But it is quite easy for the supplier to get it as there are many hatcheries which sold the juvenile shrimp for sale.
However, the challenge that the supplier has to face during this process is lies on the quality of the pond used to grow the freshwater shrimp. This challenge is the hardest during the early stage when the supplier just dug a new pond to grow the freshwater shrimp. This new pond is not suitable to be used to grow the freshwater shrimp yet. The reason is there is no enough food supply for the shrimp to eat.
The shrimp will usually eat the algae as well as other little insect larva inside the pond. But when it is a new pond, that only recently being dug, and then the amount of that food inside the pond are still growing. That happens at least for the first year after it is dug, thus during this first year, it is better for the freshwater shrimp suppliers to grow the juvenile in other growing storage with enough food supply. Only then when the shrimp is already getting bigger, then it can be move into the pond.
The making process of the pond itself is actually quite easy as they only dig it in the same manners as when they dig pond for catfish farm. But besides inside the pond, this freshwater shrimp is actually can be grow inside swimming pool, fish tank with large size, or even a large water tank. However, among those growing storage, the pond yield the best result especially for commercial usage. This is the reason why the freshwater shrimp suppliers choose to grow them in the pond.
But when they grow it in the pond, then the quality of the water should also be excellent as it is an important factor for the shrimp growth. Furthermore the soil of the pond should also able to retain the water content inside the pond. To ensure that the water has a good quality which needed by the freshwater shrimp to survive, then usually it will be inspected before usage. The water resource can be taken from anywhere from stream, the river, and of course reservoir.
When the freshwater shrimp suppliers already put the shrimp inside the pond it should already able to search for their own food. Thus actually the supplier would not even need to feed them. However, when the shrimps are getting bigger, then the food supply inside the pond might not be enough anymore. That is why; they may also give them food using the same food given to catfish.
Those are the method used by the freshwater shrimp suppliers to create the best shrimp product in their farm to be used in your company production.

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Freshwater Shrimp Farming and Production Method Requirement

If you want to know more about freshwater shrimp farming, then you have come to the right place. The shrimp is often fished from gulf or sea water, however in our modern day, now the shrimp can be farm in the land. Not only that, the shrimp will be farm using freshwater as there are also several shrimp species that is also grow in freshwater habitat thus it is more suitable to be farm. But no matter the shrimp species is, they actually very adaptable to most habitat, thus it is actually quite easy for you to be able to farm the shrimp in freshwater.

Learn about freshwater shrimp farming method
In the old days, the freshwater shrimp farming is done very simple way as it is only in small size farming. However, with the popularity of the shrimp as well as the development of more advanced technology, now the farming method has become more modern as it is done professionally. But even with this advanced technology, the number of shrimp species which being farm professionally is still limited as there are still thousands of shrimp species out there.
Actually the shrimp farming which is done in freshwater is very suitable for Southeast Asian countries as they have warm climate which is very suitable temperature for the freshwater shrimp to grow. That is why many farmers are also farming macrobrachium rosenbergii which is a species of shrimp that is very popular in those countries. Not only that, this shrimp species is native in those countries which make it very suitable to be farmed in those countries. But you should not have to worry as there are still many other shrimp species which also farmed in those countries.
Now to be able to do freshwater shrimp farming the farmer will need to have the shrimp which is still in juvenile stage. Then they will grow them until they become shrimp and eventually make some profits from it. The farmer usually gets those juvenile stages shrimp to be used on their farming from a hatchery since they have not owned anything in the start. But it is actually quite easy to get the juvenile stage shrimp as there are many hatcheries which sold them commercially for farming purpose.
But the challenge in freshwater shrimp farming comes in the quality of the freshwater which used to grow the shrimp. Especially when the shrimp’s life will depend on the quality of the water in which they grow inside. That is why the water usually comes from other source such as stream, river and sometimes reservoir. The quality of the water which going to be used on the pond will first be tested before usage. That way, they will be able to ensure that it has the correct requirement which suitable for the shrimp.
Furthermore the water that has good quality should also be able to provide enough food for the shrimps. However, on a pond which only recently being dug, it does not have enough food resource inside. Thus it is not suitable to be used to farm shrimp for at least in the first year. As you know outside the freshwater shrimp farming, in the wild then shrimp will feed on algae, along with the other insect which available inside the pond. But during the first year of the pond being dug the amount of those food, which consumed by the shrimp is not enough. Thus the shrimps would not be able to get enough food when growing inside this pond.
That is why, the only way that the farmer could do is to grow the juvenile stage shrimp inside tank or aquarium until it is large enough to be growing inside the pond later after they get bigger. Then they will be able to find their own food after it already in large size. But, sometimes when the food inside the pond is still not enough, then farmer can also feed them using the same food which given to catfish as the nutrient which needed by both animal is actually quite similar.
Those are several things that needed to be done when doing freshwater shrimp farming as it has a lot of requirement to fulfill then you also need to do some of them when you are interested in making one.

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Fresh Water Prawn Suppliers with Best Quality Product Supply

You might need to have fresh water prawn suppliers for your restaurant as this item is actually very popular food item. Many people loves to eat prawn, especially the fresh water species which actually also very delicious. That is why; a lot of people start to farm this delicious food item so the availability can be increase in the market. Those people that farm the prawn, can be your supplier since they have large amount of prawn to be send to your restaurant. But still, you need to found a supplier which has good quality prawn to be used in your restaurant.

Best product of fresh water prawn suppliers
The fresh water prawn suppliers usually farm the most famous species among all, which is the giant fresh water prawn species. This species has binominal name which is the macrobrachium rosenbergii. There are several countries that become the supplier countries of this prawn. For example during 2003 economic year, the fresh water production which done globally, is as big as 280,000 tons. In those amounts, the China is the biggest supplier which supplies around 180,000 tons, then in the second place there are two countries which is the Thailand as well as India and they supply the same amount that is 35,000 tons.
The only prawn, that the supplier farm today coming from one genus that is the macrobrachium. Besides the macrobrachium rosenbergii species, which is the most popular species and it is called Malaysian prawn around the world. There are many other species in the genus that also farmed by the fresh water prawn suppliers. For example the macrobrachium nipponense which farmed in China and it is also called as the oriental river. Then the macrobrachium malcolmsonii which farmed in India in small number and it is also called as the moonson river. Among those three species, the macrobrachium rosenbergii species cover around two third of the global supplier production. Meanwhile the macrobrachium nipponense species only cover around one third of the global supplier production.
Actually there are around 200 species of fresh water prawn which is inside the macrobrachium genus. They are all live in the subtropical until tropical region and spread all around the world. Every continent has this prawn species excluding the Antarctica as well as Europe.
But when speaking about product that is given by fresh water prawn suppliers, then we must speak more about the macrobrachium rosenbergii species as it is the species that is most produced in the world. The reason might be because of the size which is actually one of the largest in the macrobrachium genus. You should know that even thought this prawn is living in the fresh water, but the larva of this prawn is actually living in the brackish water. That is the reason why, the female that carries the egg will swim down towards the brackish water location. Then in this location, the egg will hatch and comes out from the female body.
Actually the female prawn is still carrying the fertilized prawn inside their body until it is ready to hatch in the brackish water. The hatching time for every eggs are varied which can up to 3 weeks. Every year, the female prawn will carry around ten thousand until fifty thousands of eggs into the brackish water in five trips.
After the egg is hatching then it will comes out as zoeae larva as the first stage. There are several larva stages that the fresh water prawn suppliers have to take care of. Then in the last the planktonic stage, it will become juvenile. In this stage, the prawn shrimp can be taken care in fresh water, thus it can swim upwards towards the fresh water location where they will grow and mates.
The fresh water prawn itself is actually can grow up to 12 inches in length. They usually have brownish color, but also have other color naturally. Usually the smaller size prawn has green color with some stripes on the body. Meanwhile the darker size prawn can have blue color to even darker color. So the next time you see your fresh water prawn suppliers gives you prawn in different color, then you should not have to worry as it can still be used in your restaurant dish ingredient.

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Global Freshwater Shrimp Export Data Value for Top 15 Country

A lot of people looking for freshwater shrimp export data to know more about the potential economic sales of this item in the global market. Since this food is very delicious, then the export number of the food is also very large. Globally it has been export with US$16.6 billion of value back in 2015. This number is already up with average around 14.8% since the global export value for period from 2012 until 2014 economic year. This show that the market really carving for shrimp continuously, which make the number on the export data keeps increasing every year.

Detail information of freshwater shrimp export dataHowever, those numbers does not give a lot of detail on the form of shrimp being export to many countries internationally. You might not know that the shrimp is actually export in various forms. Usually the shrimp can be export in fresh, smoked, salted or frozen. But even though it has various forms when being export outside the country, but the freshwater shrimp export data is still noted into one database so it will be difficult to know more about the detail. Furthermore, the export data for freshwater shrimp as well as seawater shrimp are often group together which make it even harder for people to know about the export data of each category.
To be able to know more detail on the freshwater shrimp export data, then we should see it from the code on the tariff system which used internationally. The reason is because the code used on each forms of shrimp are different and it even differs the freshwater shrimp or seawater shrimp data. That is why; you can even found six different codes for it. The frozen seawater shrimp has 030613 for the code. The frozen seawater prawn has 030617 for the code. The frozen freshwater prawn as well as shrimp has 030616 for the code. The fresh, smoked, as well as salted seawater shrimp has 030623 for the code. The fresh, smoked, as well as salted seawater prawn has 030627 for the code. The fresh, smoked, as well as salted freshwater prawn as well as shrimp has 030626 for the code.
As you can see, the seawater shrimp as well as prawn has more detailed code on the tariff system as the code differs the two items. However for the freshwater shrimp as well as prawn, they usually use the same code on the tariff system. But then again, by knowing more detailed code on the tariff system, then you will be able to know more detail on the freshwater shrimp export data that you want to search for.
Based on the code on the tariff system, you can know more about the freshwater shrimp export data for each country. Globally, the export is on $1.9 billion value for freshwater shrimp in 2015 economic year and that already increase around 60.9% since the 2012 economic year. There are a lot of countries that take part on the export in 2015 such as:
1.      Ecuador with export number valued at $381.5 million which actually decrease -34.1%
2.      Canada with export number valued at $344.6 million which actually increase 16.7%
3.      Denmark with export number valued at $246.2 million which actually decrease -1.4%
4.      Greenland with export number valued at $239.8 million which actually increase 111.7%
5.      United States with export number valued at $95.6 million which actually increase 163%
6.      Netherlands with export number valued at $69.9 million which actually increase 33.4%
7.      Morocco with export number valued at $57.5 million
8.      Panama with export number valued at $54.3 million which actually increase 34.2%
9.      China with export number valued at $53.6 million which actually decrease -35.2%
10.  Russia with export number valued at $53.1 million which actually increase 8.3%
11.  Mexico with export number valued at $32 million which actually increase 225.7%
12.  Indonesia with export number valued at $29.2 million which actually decrease -45.9%
13.  Thailand with export number valued at $23.4 million which actually increase 26.9%
14.  Faroe Islands with export number valued at $19.9 million which actually increase 13.1%
15.  UAE with export number valued at $19.4 million which actually increase 473.5%
With those freshwater shrimp export data now we know how much is the export done by each country.

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Freshwater Shrimp Benefits That is good for Your Health

Before you consume it, you might want to know about the freshwater shrimp benefits that you can get from its nutrient. The shrimps are taken either in freshwater or saltwater and even brackish water. This crustacean is actually very abundant in this world and they are spread everywhere. That is why; you can find many kinds of dishes which uses shrimp as the ingredient everywhere in this world. But then again, when you want to eat those dishes, you surely wonder whether you can get any benefits from eating it. That is why; we have gathered a few of those benefits to share it with you here.

Many freshwater shrimp benefits you should get
1.  Many kinds of antioxidant
First and foremost, the freshwater shrimp benefits that you will get when consuming it is you can get many kinds of antioxidant contained inside this food. Those antioxidants are available inside the minerals which contained inside this food. First antioxidant comes from selenium which is very useful to help your body in fighting with free radical pollutant inside your body. That free radical is very dangerous for your body as it can alter the DNA membrane of your body which can be the cause of cancer as well as premature aging. Furthermore this nutrient is also very essential for the work of immune system inside your body as well as thyroid work so it can properly function.
The second antioxidant comes from astaxanthin which actually source from inside the shrimp’s body color pigment. But for human, this nutrient is able to ease the inflammation inside the body, thus it will be able to prevent many kinds of disease as well as any symptoms of premature aging that attack the body from UV rays. Thus you should not have to worry to consume this food as you will get these freshwater shrimp benefits from your food.
2.      Protein
You should know that the shrimp is also high in protein, as this animal is filled with this nutrient inside. You can cook 3 ouches of this shrimp in medium size by boiling or baking it, then you will get around 20 gram of protein from it. This content is almost the same as what you can get from the same amount of chicken breast, only minus 3 gram of it. Furthermore if you cook one shrimp in large size then you will get around 3 gram of protein from it as well as other freshwater shrimp benefits such as fats and carbohydrate.
3.      Zinc
Other nutrient, which is also available in large quantity, is this zinc. This nutrient is actually very essential for your body especially in keeping your body to have required level of leptin inside. This leptin is actually an important hormone inside your body which used to regulate your appetite, the storage of fat inside the body, as well as the usage of energy by your body. Thus when you eat this food, then you will feel full since you would not crave any other food which may make you become overeating.
4.      Other nutrient
Besides those nutrients that we have mention above, actually the shrimp contains many other nutrients inside which very important for your body. When you consume 4 ounces of this food, you will be able to fulfill more than 100% selenium needed by your body, around 75% vitamin B12 needed by your body, over 50% phosphorous needed by your body, over 20% iodine, choline, and copper needed by your body.
5.      Low calories
Other freshwater shrimp benefits that you will get are that the shrimp actually contains very low calories. A shrimps in medium size will only have 7 calories content, thus even when you eat one dozen of this food, you will only consume around 85 calories from it. Compared to other food, this calorie is actually very little. For example, if you eat chicken breast only with 3 ounce weight but it actually contains 15 more calories than what you will get from this shrimp.
Those are several freshwater shrimp benefits that you can get when you consume food that contains this item. With a lot of benefits that you can get from it, then you should not become worry as they are very beneficial thus it is better for you to consume.

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Learn Freshwater Shrimp Facts before Raising It

You might want to know more freshwater shrimp facts before you start to raise one yourself as parts of your hobby. As you know, there are many people who are interested in raising their own shrimp using freshwater in an aquarium or tank. As it is easier to maintain, then raising the shrimp on aquarium is preferred as it can also be used to decorate your house with. That is why, the hobby to raise the shrimp on aquarium at home as decoration has become popular these recent years. And if you are interested in following this trend then you surely need to learn some of the facts to be able to raise this creature correctly.

List of freshwater shrimp facts to know1.      Not every shrimp is marine
Yes you heard it right, there are actually several species of shrimp which naturally a freshwater shrimp so you can easily raise this species of shrimp in freshwater aquarium. As you know the shrimp is actually very diverse creature, this make the hobby to raise shrimp in freshwater become interesting as you can raise many type of shrimps. However, if you really want to raise saltwater type shrimp, you can actually raise one in freshwater as the shrimp has ability to adapt in freshwater habitat, although it might need longer process to do it.
2.      You can safely raise it with other fish
If you have a non predator fish that has small size in your home, then the freshwater shrimp facts says you can actually raise them both inside the same aquarium. Usually only big size fish that see the shrimp as food, thus if the fish is in the same size as the shrimp then it should be alright to put them together. However, there is a very small shrimp species called as Neocaridina which is super small, so even a small size fish can accidentally ate it even when they used to be non predator fish. So for this special shrimp species, it is better to put it inside individual aquarium.
3.      Raise large group of shrimp
On freshwater shrimp facts, you learn that it is better when you can raise a large group of shrimp as they naturally for school of shrimp in their habitat. They will feel safer when staying in group thus you might be able to raise it easier. But of course, it also means that you need more budget to purchase large group of shrimp at once. But the shop will usually give you some discount if you purchase from them in large quantity especially when you are a regular customer in their shop.
4.      Pay attention to water condition
The shrimp will depend on the habitat in which they will grow in, that is why you should make sure that you provide the correct habitat for them. However, you should not worry too much as this creature is actually quite adaptable thus a few differences is ok as long as it is not too extreme.
To know the habitat and water condition needed by the shrimp, then you should learn more about freshwater shrimp facts according to their species. Each species has their own water condition requirement that you need to fulfill when you want to raise them. Remember that the shrimp is very sensitive on heavy metals, so you should ensure there are no pollutants as well as heavy metals inside the water.
5.      Grow a lot of plant
The freshwater shrimp facts already teach you that this creature will feed on vegetable matters. Thus it is better for you to also grow a lot of plant on the aquarium which will become the shrimp food. Naturally they will eat on algae; however, you can also add more variation such as plant with soft leaves. But if you raise large size shrimp then you should know that they eat bulkier food thus you need to feed them with frozen mysis or other small Size Quality shrimp.
Those are several freshwater shrimp facts that you should learn so you can raise your shrimp better in the aquarium that you have at home. The hobby to raise freshwater shrimp is very popular these days, thus it is very easy for you to learn more facts by asking around to people.

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Freshwater Shrimp Nutrition Facts which Beneficial for Body

Some of you might need to know more about freshwater shrimp nutrition facts before you consume food that contains shrimp as the ingredient. As we know shrimp is very versatile ingredient, thus it is used in different kind of dish that you frequently eat every month. That might be the reason why, you question about the nutrition content inside this food that you eat. Surely you want every food that you eat to contain good nutrient which should also be useful for your body. That is why; we have gathered the complete information about nutrition that you can get when consuming shrimp in your food.

List of beneficial freshwater shrimp nutrition facts1.      Astaxanthin
First freshwater shrimp nutrition facts is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has astaxanthin amount which differ around 1 until 4 mgr. however, the amount itself is differ as it is based on the food that they consume in their diet. Usually shrimp consume many things from algae to smaller size shrimp depends on their environment. That is why, they naturally contains astaxanthin which created by the algae inside their diet.
If you do not know the astaxanthin is acting as one type antioxidant inside your body. This nutrient is very beneficial shrimp for you since it can help the work of your nervous system along with musculoskeletal system. This nutrient also able to lower your risk of getting very dangerous disease such as colon cancer and it can be use to help with some diabetes symptoms.
2.      Selenium
Next freshwater shrimp nutrition facts is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has selenium amount which is around 56 mcg. Furthermore this nutrient if comes from the shrimp then the human body can easily absorb it which varied around 80% until 85% of the amount available inside the shrimp. That is why; the shrimp has become preferable source for this nutrient.
Furthermore the selenium itself is very essential nutrient for human body. If the body does not get enough amount of this nutrient, then the risk of several symptoms can increased for example heart failure and also other type of symptoms related to cardiovascular system. The risk of some disease will also increased such as depression, cognitive function disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other.
3.      Copper
If you looking for a good source of copper, then you should know this next freshwater shrimp nutrition facts as the food contains a good amount copper inside. In fact, the amount of copper inside this food could not be match by other food fish. The reason why this shrimp can contains a lot of copper nutrient is because inside their body there is hemocyanin which plays a huge role on the animal oxygen metabolism.
You should also know that this nutrient also act as another type of antioxidant for your body enzyme function which is the SOD. The enzyme itself is useful as it can regulate the oxygen metabolism in your body and have huge role to prevent stress which origin by oxidative matters.
4.      Omega 3
You might also need to know on the freshwater shrimp nutrition facts that this food also contains omega 3. The shrimp is naturally eating algae which contain a lot of omega 3 that will also be transferred into the shrimp body. Furthermore in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has omega 3 amounts which are around 325 mcg to 375 mcg.
This nutrient is also another essential acid needed by your body and inside the shrimp there the content is consist of half DHA and half EPA. Both of that content is highly important for your body’s nervous as well as cardiovascular system to work well. The ratio for omega 6 with omega 3 is in 1:1, it is a good ratio number which will make the risk of other disease become low.
5.      Protein
Another important nutrient is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has protein amounts which are around 26 gr this amount is actually already over half of your body daily nutrient, thus you can easily fulfill it by eating this food.
Those are several freshwater shrimp nutrition facts that you should know if you want to consume the food that contains shrimp product as one of the ingredient as it is very useful.

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