Freshwater Shrimp Nutrition Facts which Beneficial for Body

Some of you might need to know more about freshwater shrimp nutrition facts before you consume food that contains shrimp as the ingredient. As we know shrimp is very versatile ingredient, thus it is used in different kind of dish that you frequently eat every month. That might be the reason why, you question about the nutrition content inside this food that you eat. Surely you want every food that you eat to contain good nutrient which should also be useful for your body. That is why; we have gathered the complete information about nutrition that you can get when consuming shrimp in your food.

List of beneficial freshwater shrimp nutrition facts1.      Astaxanthin
First freshwater shrimp nutrition facts is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has astaxanthin amount which differ around 1 until 4 mgr. however, the amount itself is differ as it is based on the food that they consume in their diet. Usually shrimp consume many things from algae to smaller size shrimp depends on their environment. That is why, they naturally contains astaxanthin which created by the algae inside their diet.
If you do not know the astaxanthin is acting as one type antioxidant inside your body. This nutrient is very beneficial shrimp for you since it can help the work of your nervous system along with musculoskeletal system. This nutrient also able to lower your risk of getting very dangerous disease such as colon cancer and it can be use to help with some diabetes symptoms.
2.      Selenium
Next freshwater shrimp nutrition facts is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has selenium amount which is around 56 mcg. Furthermore this nutrient if comes from the shrimp then the human body can easily absorb it which varied around 80% until 85% of the amount available inside the shrimp. That is why; the shrimp has become preferable source for this nutrient.
Furthermore the selenium itself is very essential nutrient for human body. If the body does not get enough amount of this nutrient, then the risk of several symptoms can increased for example heart failure and also other type of symptoms related to cardiovascular system. The risk of some disease will also increased such as depression, cognitive function disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other.
3.      Copper
If you looking for a good source of copper, then you should know this next freshwater shrimp nutrition facts as the food contains a good amount copper inside. In fact, the amount of copper inside this food could not be match by other food fish. The reason why this shrimp can contains a lot of copper nutrient is because inside their body there is hemocyanin which plays a huge role on the animal oxygen metabolism.
You should also know that this nutrient also act as another type of antioxidant for your body enzyme function which is the SOD. The enzyme itself is useful as it can regulate the oxygen metabolism in your body and have huge role to prevent stress which origin by oxidative matters.
4.      Omega 3
You might also need to know on the freshwater shrimp nutrition facts that this food also contains omega 3. The shrimp is naturally eating algae which contain a lot of omega 3 that will also be transferred into the shrimp body. Furthermore in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has omega 3 amounts which are around 325 mcg to 375 mcg.
This nutrient is also another essential acid needed by your body and inside the shrimp there the content is consist of half DHA and half EPA. Both of that content is highly important for your body’s nervous as well as cardiovascular system to work well. The ratio for omega 6 with omega 3 is in 1:1, it is a good ratio number which will make the risk of other disease become low.
5.      Protein
Another important nutrient is that in every 4 ounce, this shrimp has protein amounts which are around 26 gr this amount is actually already over half of your body daily nutrient, thus you can easily fulfill it by eating this food.
Those are several freshwater shrimp nutrition facts that you should know if you want to consume the food that contains shrimp product as one of the ingredient as it is very useful.