Freshwater Shrimp Life Cycle the Natural Metamorphosis Process

You might want to know more about the freshwater shrimp life cycle especially if you are interested in farming it. The freshwater shrimp is farmed since a long time ago which start back in the sixties even though it is only done in very traditional manners. Then in the seventies the method is perfected so it can be more professional thus this method spread to several countries around the world especially in Asian country as the temperature and environment there is suitable for the shrimp to grow well. Now you might already seen, a lot of farming which is done using advanced method which create the best result in their product.

The metamorphosis process of freshwater shrimp life cycle
Even though the freshwater shrimp is already farmed, but you may still need to know about its life cycle especially when it is still live in the nature. The shrimp actually going through several life cycle stages as they also did metamorphosis during their life cycle process. Furthermore the freshwater shrimp is also doing amphidromy even though most people only know that it lives in the freshwater instead of seawater. With the amphidromy now we know that there are several freshwater shrimp life cycle which actually done inside the sea or even brackish water before they grow in the freshwater environment.
To make it clearer then it is best for us to learn about their life cycle which will further explain about the process. As you know, the freshwater shrimp is living in the freshwater which can also be called as upstream area. But turns out only the adult is living in this upstream area. In this area, they grow bigger then when they are ready to mate then the male as well as female shrimp will mate in the upstream area. But their live is not only happening in this area as the next life cycle actually happen elsewhere.
The female that carries the egg will do two things when hatching the egg so the egg will have more suitable environment for it to live. First is they might hatch the egg with the stream current which will head downstream. Thus the zoeae or the first form of larvae of the shrimp which taken by the current will end up in downstream area. Second is they might even swim by themselves to the downstream area so they can hatch their egg in this area. The downstream area is actually consist of brackish water, thus the first freshwater shrimp life cycle is actually happen on brackish water instead.
After the egg hatch then the zoeae will live in the brackish water for a few times, they actually will not going back directly upstream where the freshwater is located. Instead they will swim further down to the sea where the seawater is located. In this location then the second freshwater shrimp life cycle is happen where they will done a few more metamorphosis stages which usually takes around 32 or even 35 days for it to finish.
Then after it already reaches the postlarvae stage, it means that it is ready to move back to freshwater area. Thus it will swim back upwards to the freshwater location in the form of juvenile. This juvenile is the next freshwater shrimp life cycle that will move into the freshwater location in the upstream area. Then once they have reached the freshwater location, they will grow in this location until they are ready to mate and the process is back from the start. Those are the life cycle that the shrimp has to going through when they are growing in their natural habitat.
That is the reason why, the freshwater shrimp farming usually started in the juvenile stage as during this stage they already able to live in the freshwater location. Thus they can be growing inside a pond which is the farm location for the freshwater shrimp to grow. For the egg which is still in the larvae stages, it usually stored inside special hatchery storage. This storage is created to mimic their natural habitat location during the freshwater shrimp life cycle stage so the metamorphosis process will not get disturbed. With the help of new and more advance technology, now freshwater shrimp farming can be done easier.