Fresh Water Prawn Suppliers with Best Quality Product Supply

You might need to have fresh water prawn suppliers for your restaurant as this item is actually very popular food item. Many people loves to eat prawn, especially the fresh water species which actually also very delicious. That is why; a lot of people start to farm this delicious food item so the availability can be increase in the market. Those people that farm the prawn, can be your supplier since they have large amount of prawn to be send to your restaurant. But still, you need to found a supplier which has good quality prawn to be used in your restaurant.

Best product of fresh water prawn suppliers
The fresh water prawn suppliers usually farm the most famous species among all, which is the giant fresh water prawn species. This species has binominal name which is the macrobrachium rosenbergii. There are several countries that become the supplier countries of this prawn. For example during 2003 economic year, the fresh water production which done globally, is as big as 280,000 tons. In those amounts, the China is the biggest supplier which supplies around 180,000 tons, then in the second place there are two countries which is the Thailand as well as India and they supply the same amount that is 35,000 tons.
The only prawn, that the supplier farm today coming from one genus that is the macrobrachium. Besides the macrobrachium rosenbergii species, which is the most popular species and it is called Malaysian prawn around the world. There are many other species in the genus that also farmed by the fresh water prawn suppliers. For example the macrobrachium nipponense which farmed in China and it is also called as the oriental river. Then the macrobrachium malcolmsonii which farmed in India in small number and it is also called as the moonson river. Among those three species, the macrobrachium rosenbergii species cover around two third of the global supplier production. Meanwhile the macrobrachium nipponense species only cover around one third of the global supplier production.
Actually there are around 200 species of fresh water prawn which is inside the macrobrachium genus. They are all live in the subtropical until tropical region and spread all around the world. Every continent has this prawn species excluding the Antarctica as well as Europe.
But when speaking about product that is given by fresh water prawn suppliers, then we must speak more about the macrobrachium rosenbergii species as it is the species that is most produced in the world. The reason might be because of the size which is actually one of the largest in the macrobrachium genus. You should know that even thought this prawn is living in the fresh water, but the larva of this prawn is actually living in the brackish water. That is the reason why, the female that carries the egg will swim down towards the brackish water location. Then in this location, the egg will hatch and comes out from the female body.
Actually the female prawn is still carrying the fertilized prawn inside their body until it is ready to hatch in the brackish water. The hatching time for every eggs are varied which can up to 3 weeks. Every year, the female prawn will carry around ten thousand until fifty thousands of eggs into the brackish water in five trips.
After the egg is hatching then it will comes out as zoeae larva as the first stage. There are several larva stages that the fresh water prawn suppliers have to take care of. Then in the last the planktonic stage, it will become juvenile. In this stage, the prawn shrimp can be taken care in fresh water, thus it can swim upwards towards the fresh water location where they will grow and mates.
The fresh water prawn itself is actually can grow up to 12 inches in length. They usually have brownish color, but also have other color naturally. Usually the smaller size prawn has green color with some stripes on the body. Meanwhile the darker size prawn can have blue color to even darker color. So the next time you see your fresh water prawn suppliers gives you prawn in different color, then you should not have to worry as it can still be used in your restaurant dish ingredient.