Learn Freshwater Shrimp Facts before Raising It

You might want to know more freshwater shrimp facts before you start to raise one yourself as parts of your hobby. As you know, there are many people who are interested in raising their own shrimp using freshwater in an aquarium or tank. As it is easier to maintain, then raising the shrimp on aquarium is preferred as it can also be used to decorate your house with. That is why, the hobby to raise the shrimp on aquarium at home as decoration has become popular these recent years. And if you are interested in following this trend then you surely need to learn some of the facts to be able to raise this creature correctly.

List of freshwater shrimp facts to know1.      Not every shrimp is marine
Yes you heard it right, there are actually several species of shrimp which naturally a freshwater shrimp so you can easily raise this species of shrimp in freshwater aquarium. As you know the shrimp is actually very diverse creature, this make the hobby to raise shrimp in freshwater become interesting as you can raise many type of shrimps. However, if you really want to raise saltwater type shrimp, you can actually raise one in freshwater as the shrimp has ability to adapt in freshwater habitat, although it might need longer process to do it.
2.      You can safely raise it with other fish
If you have a non predator fish that has small size in your home, then the freshwater shrimp facts says you can actually raise them both inside the same aquarium. Usually only big size fish that see the shrimp as food, thus if the fish is in the same size as the shrimp then it should be alright to put them together. However, there is a very small shrimp species called as Neocaridina which is super small, so even a small size fish can accidentally ate it even when they used to be non predator fish. So for this special shrimp species, it is better to put it inside individual aquarium.
3.      Raise large group of shrimp
On freshwater shrimp facts, you learn that it is better when you can raise a large group of shrimp as they naturally for school of shrimp in their habitat. They will feel safer when staying in group thus you might be able to raise it easier. But of course, it also means that you need more budget to purchase large group of shrimp at once. But the shop will usually give you some discount if you purchase from them in large quantity especially when you are a regular customer in their shop.
4.      Pay attention to water condition
The shrimp will depend on the habitat in which they will grow in, that is why you should make sure that you provide the correct habitat for them. However, you should not worry too much as this creature is actually quite adaptable thus a few differences is ok as long as it is not too extreme.
To know the habitat and water condition needed by the shrimp, then you should learn more about freshwater shrimp facts according to their species. Each species has their own water condition requirement that you need to fulfill when you want to raise them. Remember that the shrimp is very sensitive on heavy metals, so you should ensure there are no pollutants as well as heavy metals inside the water.
5.      Grow a lot of plant
The freshwater shrimp facts already teach you that this creature will feed on vegetable matters. Thus it is better for you to also grow a lot of plant on the aquarium which will become the shrimp food. Naturally they will eat on algae; however, you can also add more variation such as plant with soft leaves. But if you raise large size shrimp then you should know that they eat bulkier food thus you need to feed them with frozen mysis or other small Size Quality shrimp.
Those are several freshwater shrimp facts that you should learn so you can raise your shrimp better in the aquarium that you have at home. The hobby to raise freshwater shrimp is very popular these days, thus it is very easy for you to learn more facts by asking around to people.