High Quality Frozen Catfish Fillet Ingredient for Food Served in the Canteen

If you own a canteen, then you must try to use frozen catfish fillet as ingredient for food that you serve in the canteen. Furthermore canteen is used to serve food in an office or school. This means the people who eats at the canteen are limited, thus they might get bored if you serve them the same food each time. This is why; you should have more food variation in your canteen so they would not get bored with the food that you serve for them. That food variation should also be made using different ingredient than what you have cooked before, thus you can make different food with that ingredient.

Canteen using Frozen Catfish Fillet as Ingredient
One ingredient that you might want to use is the frozen catfish fillet which you should try to use for food in your canteen. This ingredient is actually taste very delicious, thus you can be relax since people will love the food that you make using this ingredient. Furthermore there are many kinds of food that you can make using this catfish fillet as the ingredient. Thus you can serve different food to the people that eat in your canteen every day even though you use the same ingredient to make it.
But of course, you should search a supplier that has high quality product which you can use in your canteen. With high quality product you surely the food you create using it will also have high quality. However, to ensure that their product you will receive is high quality then you should try to learn the procedure that they do to create that product. If the procedure that the supplier does to create the product is good enough, then surely the product created using the procedure will also have high quality.
First off, the supplier that wants to create frozen catfish fillet product should also get catfish which used as the raw material to create the product. If the supplier really wants to ensure that the raw material used to create their product has high quality, then they will also create that raw material themselves. To do it, then they will have their own catfish farm where they will grow the catfish from start. They will even choose high quality fish breeder to lay the eggs which they will grow inside the farm. Once the eggs are laid, then it will be ready to be taken into hatching site.
In this hatching site, the sac fry will comes out from the egg. But it will stay inside this site for longer time, until it will grow into fingerling. After they grow into this fingerling, then it means they are ready to be move into the growing site. The growing site itself has much larger area since in this site the fingerling will grow even more. Some of them will grow to five inches long while some other will grow to seven inches long. That is why it is important to have large area for this site.
Of course, it will still take a long time before they can be use to make frozen catfish fillet product. Especially since they need around two years until they can grow into catfish. During this time, they will be given special pallet as their food. After they grow then it is time to harvest the catfish. Then they will be taken into the factory site for further process.
The catfish which already taken to the factory will be cleaned thoroughly so the quality of the meat will be better. Then it will be cut to make the frozen catfish fillet product that you will use in your canteen later. After being cut, then the product will be packed so it will be more presentable. Of course the product will be freeze using super cold temperature to ensure that the product can be preserved.
Using all of those procedures, the product is ready to be send into your canteen location. Now that you already know all of the procedures that they use to create their product, then you can see that they really do great procedures. This means that the frozen catfish fillet product they created using those procedures also have high quality, thus you can be relax when use it.