Freshwater Shrimp Benefits That is good for Your Health

Before you consume it, you might want to know about the freshwater shrimp benefits that you can get from its nutrient. The shrimps are taken either in freshwater or saltwater and even brackish water. This crustacean is actually very abundant in this world and they are spread everywhere. That is why; you can find many kinds of dishes which uses shrimp as the ingredient everywhere in this world. But then again, when you want to eat those dishes, you surely wonder whether you can get any benefits from eating it. That is why; we have gathered a few of those benefits to share it with you here.

Many freshwater shrimp benefits you should get
1.  Many kinds of antioxidant
First and foremost, the freshwater shrimp benefits that you will get when consuming it is you can get many kinds of antioxidant contained inside this food. Those antioxidants are available inside the minerals which contained inside this food. First antioxidant comes from selenium which is very useful to help your body in fighting with free radical pollutant inside your body. That free radical is very dangerous for your body as it can alter the DNA membrane of your body which can be the cause of cancer as well as premature aging. Furthermore this nutrient is also very essential for the work of immune system inside your body as well as thyroid work so it can properly function.
The second antioxidant comes from astaxanthin which actually source from inside the shrimp’s body color pigment. But for human, this nutrient is able to ease the inflammation inside the body, thus it will be able to prevent many kinds of disease as well as any symptoms of premature aging that attack the body from UV rays. Thus you should not have to worry to consume this food as you will get these freshwater shrimp benefits from your food.
2.      Protein
You should know that the shrimp is also high in protein, as this animal is filled with this nutrient inside. You can cook 3 ouches of this shrimp in medium size by boiling or baking it, then you will get around 20 gram of protein from it. This content is almost the same as what you can get from the same amount of chicken breast, only minus 3 gram of it. Furthermore if you cook one shrimp in large size then you will get around 3 gram of protein from it as well as other freshwater shrimp benefits such as fats and carbohydrate.
3.      Zinc
Other nutrient, which is also available in large quantity, is this zinc. This nutrient is actually very essential for your body especially in keeping your body to have required level of leptin inside. This leptin is actually an important hormone inside your body which used to regulate your appetite, the storage of fat inside the body, as well as the usage of energy by your body. Thus when you eat this food, then you will feel full since you would not crave any other food which may make you become overeating.
4.      Other nutrient
Besides those nutrients that we have mention above, actually the shrimp contains many other nutrients inside which very important for your body. When you consume 4 ounces of this food, you will be able to fulfill more than 100% selenium needed by your body, around 75% vitamin B12 needed by your body, over 50% phosphorous needed by your body, over 20% iodine, choline, and copper needed by your body.
5.      Low calories
Other freshwater shrimp benefits that you will get are that the shrimp actually contains very low calories. A shrimps in medium size will only have 7 calories content, thus even when you eat one dozen of this food, you will only consume around 85 calories from it. Compared to other food, this calorie is actually very little. For example, if you eat chicken breast only with 3 ounce weight but it actually contains 15 more calories than what you will get from this shrimp.
Those are several freshwater shrimp benefits that you can get when you consume food that contains this item. With a lot of benefits that you can get from it, then you should not become worry as they are very beneficial thus it is better for you to consume.