Easy to Make and Delicious Freshwater Shrimp Recipes

You might want to try making several freshwater shrimp recipes as you already able to get your hands on this delicious food. The freshwater shrimp is as delicious as its marine counterpart so you do not need to worry about the taste. However, sometimes, you may do not know how to cook it even though you can actually use it the same way as you cook marine shrimp. Nevertheless, some of you who do not know what to do with this freshwater shrimp from farming, then you can follow our recipe here. This recipe is very easy to make but it also taste very delicious to eat.

Best freshwater shrimp recipes list
1.      Freshwater Shrimp Recipes Stir Fried
-          Sugar 3 tbsp
-          Shaoxing wine or dry sherry 1 tbsp
-          Soy sauce, light 1 tbsp
-          Soy sauce, dark 1 tbsp
-          Vegetable oil, 3.5 tbsp, divided
-          Spring onions, 2-3 pcs, cut to be 2.5cm
-          Ginger, finely chopped, 50 gram       
-          Freshwater shrimp, 500 gram, rinse then dry
Freshwater shrimp recipes cooking direction:
1.      Take a small size bowl, and then mix together the first four ingredients such as shaoxing wine, sugar, soy sauce dark and light. Let it aside.
2.      Take a wok and put it on highest heat temperature to heat it up, and then pour three tbsp of the vegetable oil.
3.      After the oil heat up, add the ginger, spring onion, as well as the shrimp inside. Keep string it so the shrimp will change the color, which may take around 5 minutes. Take them out from the wok then let it aside.
4.      Pour the rest of the vegetable oil inside the wok then heat it up.
5.      Add the sauce inside the wok then stir it around until it get thicken,
6.      Put back the shrimp inside the wok then stir it around so it will be covered completely with the sauce.
7.      Take it out then serve while hot.
2.      Freshwater shrimp recipes grilled with orange lime sauce
Sauce ingredients:

-          Whole garlic, 6 cloves,
-          Fresh orange, 1 ⅓ cup juice
-          Lime, 6 tablespoon, juice
-          Sugar, ½ teaspoon
-          Vanilla, scraped, ½ bean,
-          Unsalted butter, cold, 4 tablespoon then cut it to be smaller pieces
-          Salt, 1 teaspoon
Grilled shrimp ingredients:
-          Freshwater shrimp, 1 ½ pound, cleaned, cut in half, but leave the shells on
-          Garlic, 2 cloves, chopped
-          Fresh parsley, 2 tablespoon, chopped
-          Butter, 3 tablespoon
-          Salt, ½ teaspoon
-          Lemon, 1 pcs, cut in wedges, use it for garnish
Orange lime sauce cooking direction:
1.      Take a saucepan put it over medium heat, then put inside the first six ingredients.
2.      Stir until all ingredients are mixed, then reduce the heat into medium low setting.
3.      Let the garlic to be shimmered inside the juice mix for around 25 until 30 minutes until it is soft and the juice will get reduced then turn into caramel in color.
4.      Take a fork then use it to crush all of the garlic into the sauce.
5.      Put the butter inside one by one while mix it in so it will melt together into the sauce. When you think that the sauce become too thick, then you can thin it by adding more lime juice.
6.      Put the salt inside to season it.
Grilled freshwater shrimp recipes cooking direction:
1.      Take a skillet then put it on medium heat. Put the butter inside to melt it.
2.      Add inside the parsley, garlic, and salt. Then stir them all together until it has paste like consistency. Turn of the heat let it cool.
3.      Take one tbsp of the paste then apply it into every shrimp halves. Do this to all of the shrimp then put it inside refrigerator for one night.
4.      Before using the grill, make sure you have preheat it first.
5.      Put the shrimps into the grill, and then cook it for around 2 minutes for every side.
6.      Take out then serve with the sauce.
Those are several freshwater shrimp recipes that you can try to make and serve for your family meal. These recipes are easy to make even by beginner so you should really try and make it.