Delicious Freshwater Shrimp Taste and Quality

You might be curious about freshwater shrimp taste as you have not eaten it before, but actually it is as delicious as the marine counterpart. The availability of freshwater shrimp is actually larger than saltwater shrimp as sometimes the freshwater shrimp is farmed rather than caught in the wild. Only small amount of freshwater shrimp is caught in the wild, meanwhile majority of the freshwater shrimp is usually farmed. Furthermore the saltwater shrimp is considered as seasonal delicacy since it is only available in certain season. That is why, many restaurants tends to use freshwater shrimp rather than saltwater shrimp. Especially the farmed one as it is available anytime throughout the year.

Great freshwater shrimp taste for your satisfaction
The farming of freshwater shrimp is done mostly in Asian country where the freshwater shrimp taste is very famous for its delicious taste. The farming itself used to be done in more traditional days as they do not know how to do it better. But now with the development of new technology as well as the spreading of information, then they are able to farm the freshwater shrimp in professional way. This make the quality of the shrimp product becomes better thus the taste of the shrimp is also becomes better.
There are many kinds of freshwater shrimp that is farmed nowadays and the taste is also very delicious. The farming method itself is started since the freshwater shrimp is still in juvenile stage then they will grow it to be bigger so it is good enough to be sold. The farming process itself is highly depended to the quality of the water as well as the pond condition which used to grow the freshwater shrimp inside. The pond should be in good condition, meaning there are enough food sources for the freshwater shrimp to feed on. The shrimp itself is usually eating the insect’s lava or algae that grow inside the pond.
However, new farm which only recently digging the pond will not have enough food inside it. Thus during the first year on the new farm, the shrimp does not have enough food supply inside the pond as it is only recently being dug. To overcome this obstacle, then the farmer will grow the juvenile inside other type of growing storage then move it into the pond later on. But you should not have to worry as it would not affect the quality or the freshwater shrimp taste at all.
Furthermore the juvenile that they grow in the other growing storage usually comes from different hatchery. It is normal thing to do as new farmers usually do not have any juvenile to grow at all. That is why, new farmer will purchase juvenile from other hatchery and use it as the starter animal on their farm. They usually choose hatchery that is known to have shrimp with delicious freshwater shrimp taste so they will be able to produce the same taste in their farm.
For the farm itself, they are able to dig it easily as the method is very similar to the digging method that they use in the making process of catfish pond. Then again freshwater shrimp is also able to be growing inside aquarium, water tank, or even swimming pool so they would not have any difficulties in creating the growing pond. However, among those selections, the natural growing pond usually gives the best result and best freshwater shrimp taste that everyone loves to eat. That is why; it is preferable for them to grow the freshwater shrimp inside a pond compared to the other storage that we have mentioned before.
When it comes to the freshwater shrimp taste, you might be able to realize that the freshwater variation taste a little bit sweeter than the marine counterpart. The reason is because the saltwater shrimp is usually comes in saltier taste thus it will overpower the meat taste itself. Furthermore the saltier taste that the marine shrimp has is favor by many because it is more satisfying when eating saltier food. However, you can actually create the same taste even when you use freshwater shrimp. What you need to do is to season the shrimp correctly so it still has the same taste. Furthermore you can actually taste the freshwater shrimp meat more.