The Most Delicious Shrimp Foods List You Should Try

You might be wondering about shrimp foods that have the most delicious taste that you should try in your live, and now we have gather all of that in our list here. You already know that shrimp taste very delicious, but eating it the same way every time will eventually make you feel bored. That is why; you might want to cook the shrimp using different way so you can feel very excited every time you eat it. Furthermore the shrimp also contains many kinds of nutrient, thus whenever you eat it, and then you will also get great benefits from it.
List of the most delicious shrimp foods
1.      Shrimp pasta
Everyone loves pasta, and if you also love shrimp then you might want to combine the two foods together to create the most delicious shrimp pasta that you ever taste. Furthermore, there are many kinds of sauce that you can make. First if you want fresh taste, then you might want to eat it using lemon pasta. But when you want something creamy, then creamy pasta is the way to go. Then if you want to have something simple, you can also make garlic butter pasta.
2.      Shrimp pizza
If you want some Italian food but does not want to have pasta, then you might want to try this shrimp food. There are many styles that you can create on the pizza, which will make this food, become more varied. For those who are from New Orleans, you surely can make your signature New Orleans pizza with shrimp topping. If you want to have something with a lot of cheese then you might want to make scampi shrimp pizza which taste wonderful. Then again, you can also go simple with BBQ shrimp style pizza.
3.      Crispy shrimp
If you like the crispy style shrimp, then you should know that there are many kind of style that you can use to create this dish. First you can try to make coconut crispy shrimp with shredded coconut in the batter which make it taste very savory and crispy at the same time. Another unique shrimp food recipe that you can make is shrimp with kataifi crust which is very crunchy and tasty. For something with fresh taste, then you might want to create fried shrimp with lemon glaze recipe.
4.      Shrimp burger
Now it is time for you to make unique kind of food by creating shrimp burger. Yes you can actually use the shrimp meat to make the burger patty, for your burger. And the taste should be better if you combine it with delicious sauce from your favorite restaurant such as chipotle.
5.      Shrimp corn chowder
If you love corn chowder, you should also try to top your favorite dish with shrimp as the meat. The taste of the corn which combines with shrimp meat is very delicious and sweet. The creamy taste of this corn chowder is very suitable for shrimp meat so now you can eat shrimp food in creamy taste without having to make creamy pasta recipe.
6.      Shrimp taco
Another easy to eat dish with shrimp ingredient is this shrimp taco which also very delicious to taste. But do not forget to also combine it with your favorite salsa to make it taste fresh and delicious at the same time. Furthermore the shrimp is suitable with any kind of salsa and sauce that you want to use. So everyone can have their favorite taco with addition of shrimp meat inside to make it taste more delicious.
7.      Chinese style fried rise with shrimp
If you want something more fulfilling then you might want to eat a Chinese style friend rise complete with shrimp meat as the topping. The Chinese style sauce will make the shrimp food taste more delicious and the savory fried rise also very delicious you would not even stop eating it. This food is suitable for lunch or dinner but if you need extra energy then you can also eat it as breakfast.
Those are several shrimp food that you should try as they taste very delicious. Furthermore there are many kinds of recipe that you can follow so you can have your meal with different recipe every time you made one which will surely make it even better.