Unique Shrimps Facts That’s Very Interesting to Know

Shrimp is a very interesting animal which is why, you might want to know more information about shrimps facts that you have not know before. This crustaceans is has long body shape with many legs located under the abdomen. The amount of shrimp itself around the world is abundant, that might be the reason why it is also become one of the most popular food that everyone love. The shrimp habitat is not only on the sea but also inside the lake and rivers thus you can easily found freshwater shrimp as well as seawater shrimp. Now let us see other fact of shrimp that might surprised you.

Knows these interesting shrimps facts
1.      Shrimp has thousands of species
Actually the shrimp itself has around 2000 of species and all of them are spread generously all around the world. It can be found in every sea start from the Antarctica Sea to the tropical sea. In the US region, the most common shrimps are the gulf variation in brown, pink, and white color.
2.      Various sizes
Shrimps facts that you should know is, as the species of shrimp are varied, their sizes also varied accordingly. For example the white shrimp has a small size which is only around 1.5 inches in size from their head to tail even though some variety of this shrimp can also grows longer than 12 inches in size. Meanwhile the tiger shrimp has a large size which can be as big as any adult forearm size. That is why, this shrimp species can have more meat compared to the average size lobster.
3.      Great swimmer
You might think that shrimp is fragile creature, while that might be true, but they also a great swimmer. They can quickly swim backwards by using their tail and by the flex of their abdomen muscle. However, they quite slow when swim forwards since they only use the appendages which located under their tail.
4.      Can make loudest sound
Next shrimps facts that you surely does not realize is that some shrimps in the Sea can make the loudest sound in the sea even louder than sound which produced by any other sea creature. It is also louder than gunshot and even the jet engine sound. This sound is produced by the snapping shrimp which hit both of their small size and large size pincers together. It is predicted that this behavior is done for communication between the species or to stun preys.
5.      Omnivorous animal
Most people only know that shrimp eat microscopic size plant or other animal matter which done by means of filtering the sea water or by waiting on the sea floor. However, you should also know that some shrimp species is also catching and eating small size fish.
6.      Important for ecosystem
Even though they might have small size compared to other sea creature, but the shrimps facts says that they are also very important creature for the sea ecosystem. Not only they are important, as food for many sea creature such as fish, crabs, sea urchins, dolphins, whales, and even the seabirds above the sea. But they also often have symbiosis relation with other fish where they work to clean the bacteria, fungi and other parasite on the host body.
7.      Can fight cancer
You should know that consuming shrimps product as parts of your diet can help you to reduce the risk of cancer. The reason is because this crustacean contains minerals which able to fight the cancer named selenium. This mineral is an antioxidant which can activate the enzyme which useful to get rid of free radical that is causing the cancer.
8.      Low calories but high protein
The shrimps facts also show that actually shrimps have low calories but still high in protein content. A shrimps which is medium cooked only contains 7 calories thus you can add several without consuming too much calories. Furthermore it contains high protein which makes it suitable to be paired with vegetable or brown rice.
The shrimps facts have also show that this crustacean has very versatile usage, thus you can find it in different kinds of dishes. Furthermore since it is found all around the world, you can find various dishes created traditionally using the shrimps as one of the main ingredient.